18 June 2012

Beware Of Fake Autographs On eBay

Check out this horrible, 2010 Upper Deck World of Sports fake David Beckham auto I came accross on eBay. There's so many things wrong with this shitty attempt at Beckham's signature that it's not even funny. First of all the signature is nowhere near a genuine Becks sig, see below for the authentic UD Man Utd example.
Second of all notice how the "World of Sports" lettering is red on these un-signed base cards pictured below of Beckham and Thierry Henry. There were autographed parallels of these base cards but those had a guarantee of authenticity on the back and the visible difference of "World of Sports" text in blue, as can be seen further down.
The actual certified parallel autos from this set have the aforementioned blue lettering and the sticker auto such as Pablo Mastroeni and Beckham himself who does have an autographed parallel although it does not feature his signature on the sticker but rather that of former MLSer Luciano Emílio. See this link for more info on that error auto.
Sadly it appears some bidders have fallen for the fast one this seller is trying to pull.


  1. Hey - I featured this error on my blog. Perhaps you saw it ?
    The error is not "some one" faking it but rather Upper Deck still pulling their shenanigans with the Beckham autographs.

    As it is, Upper Deck may lose the MLS license as almost no one is buying this product. Look for Panini America to step up and start producing quality MLS cards (with real autographs)

  2. I'm aware of the Upper Deck Beckham auto error, I even included a link to where the Beckham error is first discussed. However the card I blogged about is not even one of those infamous UD produced error cards but rather it's a non autographed base card that someone just slapped a fake sticker on.