31 December 2011

My Thoughts On 2012 Futera Unique

Well the latest Futera Unique high end product was released earlier this month and from the images I've seen I have to say I'm not very impressed. Apparently Futera was going for a retro/vintage look but it just doesn't work due to the poor design, especially considering that the product retails for around $70.00 per pack.

The autographs are lazy and unimaginative, not that it really matters to me since I now avoid them due to questions over the authenticity of the signatures. The memorabilia cards are quite simple which is something I don't mind. The 'Legends' cards however are especially horribly designed, check out what I mean: 'Legends' inserts.

One of the bright spots of the collection, at least in terms of secondary market value, is the super short printed 'Mythicals' insert set.

These cards have been selling for absolutely CRAZY money. The one I posted above sold for a whopping $1699.99! I don't really know what makes these so valuable, they're very powerful cards in the Futera World Football online game and are serial numbered to only /10 each so I suppose that helps but it still seems a bit ridiculous to me. Apparently they're also encrusted with 5 diamonds but I doubt these are legit...

Sadly when it comes to high end international football cards Futera is pretty much the only option out there. I would normally be inclined to buy some of the more interesting singles such as a Lionel Messi jersey but the authenticity issues that continue to plague Futera products (more on this subject in future blog entries) will prevent me from picking them up for my PC. Overall I would say this product is a typical Futera disappointment.